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About Us

Our Story

We are passionate about Canadian and Scandinavian Mid Century Furniture and it is evident in our work. With a combined 20+ years specializing in hand-picking and restoring Vintage Modern furniture we offer experience and expertise in all facets of the "Golden Era" of furniture.  We hope you enjoy our curation of the finest in MCM design.


Our Products

What separates us from the array of others is our attention to detail. We spend time carefully repairing and refinishing our inventory to ensure you will be satisfied with your new purchase. From drawer guide replacements to full strip, sand, and oiling, every piece passes through our workshop and is carefully looked over to assess the level of restoration it requires. Our love for mid century modern furniture is passed onto every piece we get our hands on.


The Workshop

Our workshop was built from the ground up, solely dedicated to the restoration of mid-century furniture. We use state of the art tools and finishes to breathe new life into our collection of furniture. We have a constant cycle of pieces coming in and with the efforts of our hardworking team have created a streamlined process to bring you new MCM furniture weekly.


The Showroom

We stand proud by our product but we understand that for some, buying furniture sight unseen can be a difficult decision. We have officially opened the doors to our new showroom. Located in Whitby, Ontario, our shop is open by appointment only and will give you the chance to get a closer look at the furniture before you purchase it.