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5 Reasons to Buy Authentic Mid-Century Furniture

  • 3 min read

It is clear that nearly every big box furniture store has jumped on the Mid Century Furniture trend but few come even close to the real thing. If you are in search of unique piece of furniture that has and will continue to stand the test of time - then you need to shop vintage. 

Here is a list of the 5 Best Reasons to Shop Authentic Mid-Century Furniture.

1) It's High Quality

Most furniture today is constructed of medium density fiberboard or MDF. It may look good for now - but it is unlikely to last. There is a good chance it is manufactured oversees and churned out by the thousands. A 1950's or 1960's Canadian Walnut or Scandinavian Teak piece of furniture was produced on a much smaller scale with quality of craftsmanship in mind. Skilled cabinet makers hand assembled this furniture and it is evident in the superior construction. 

This leads us into the second reason why shopping vintage is better.

2) It's Unique

The fact that Authentic Mid-Century Modern furniture was produced in much smaller numbers means that each piece is much more rare. Nearly everyone has an Ikea sling chair tucked away somewhere in their home but how often do you come across a solid teak easy chair by Grete Jalk or an elusive scoop chair by R. Huber. The hunt for these super special "it" pieces are what makes vintage furniture shopping so much fun. Do yourself a favour and add some character to your home.

3) It's Sustainable

It is no lie that 10 million tonnes of furniture go to landfills every year. Yes, that's right! 10 Million tonnes. And yet, we continue to purchase more and more throwaway pieces that aren't even Goodwill worthy after a decade. You can rest easy buying a piece of furniture with some history, which can then be passed down to the next generation.

It can be tiresome, digging through antique stores that have been picked through time and time again. But if you can find a vintage dealer you trust who has spent hours restoring these mid-century pieces, you can put aside your concerns of the condition and just find the right piece for you. 

4) It's an investment

There are a number of ways that shopping vintage furniture is an investment.

- New furniture of similar quality will cost 3-4 times more money

- You won't be replacing your new piece of furniture every five years because it has fallen apart

- Designer pieces like this pair of nightstands by Kai Kristiansen actually have the potential to go up in value. As these pieces get older, their market value will increase. Supply is getting smaller and smaller and demand is going up. Who knows what a set of Hans Wegner Heart chairs from 1949 will be worth in 2049!

5) It's timeless

The love for vintage furniture will always be present and there is no other era in furniture design quite like the 50's and 60's. Mid-century designers were truly ahead of their time creating clean lined modern designs which are a welcome addition into nearly every household. Whether you are a minimilast or a lover of all things boho, a beautiful piece of authentic mid century modern furniture will fit nicely into your home.